So you’re interested in joining the most powerful and exclusive secret society on the planet. There are four ways you can join the Illuminati. You can:

Born into the Illuminati

Serve the Illuminati

Take your place in the Illuminati

Pay your membership fee of $200 [dollers]

Born to it: The easiest method of joining the all-powerful by far is being born into a wealthy family who are already prime movers and shakers in world affairs.

Serve it: If you aren’t wealthy at birth, it’s possible for you to join the Illuminati by becoming part of its machinery for world control.

Take it: If you refuse to be subservient to anyone, then there’s only one way for you to join, you must grab it! You must force your way into the Illuminati.

More of each method below…
The term ‘Illuminati’ means different things to different people and its use has become ambiguous.

There is a multitude of different versions of what exactly the Illuminati is, but most researchers agree that the group consist mainly of the upper crust of the world’s financial and political elite.

Generally, it’s used as a catch-all term to describe the One Percenters, the oligarchs, the plutocrats, or the ruling class whose combined wealth and power influence every aspect of our daily lives.

Anyone can join the Illuminati.

But, some have a much better chance than others. It’s not an even playing field.

If you are here, you most-likely know it.

Most of your income comes in the form of interest on bonds, rents from real estate properties or dividends on stocks. You might work, but you don’t need to. You were groomed for your position from an early age. You own or control a string of media outlets and your influence extends from Wall Street to the Beltway. Your grandfather was also rich. You are “Old Money”. You are an insider.

Even being born to it, you still need to be relatively intelligent, attend the right schools and make the proper connections. You must cultivate philanthropies to maintain the image of a great caretaker. You must appear to be a man or woman of the people. However, you must make sure that your philanthropic works further your social engineering goals. You must continue funding elite think tanks and other policy-making groups.

Guard against your close family members and in-laws as they are most likely to be your most fierce competition for the throne.

An examination of Forbes’ List revealed that over 40% of the richest people in the world were born with sufficient wealth to make the list.


David Rockefeller, Oil and Banking
David Rockefeller

David is the grandson of oil magnate and the richest person in recorded history John D. Rockefeller who held an estimated fortune of $336 billion (in today’s dollars) at the time of his death. At its height, Standard Oil and its conglomerates controlled over 90% of all oil sold in the United States.

David Rockefeller was born to extreme wealth and was sufficiently bright to take helm of the family fortune and become a major player in globalization and the spread of Anglo-American corporate influence throughout the world. He chose the private sector and took charge the Chase Manhattan Bank in which he was the largest individual shareholder.

Rockefeller Foundation funds the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations. Rockefeller himself is a founder of the Trilateral Commission, another important policy-making think tank. The Rockefeller’s main (and massive) estate is located at Pocantico Hills.

David Rockefeller died in March, 2017 at the age of 101.
William Vanderbilt, railroads
William Vanderbilt

“Billy” was the son of railroad tycoon and richest man in the United States, Cornelius Vanderbilt. William Vanderbilt inherited an estate worth around $100 million (~$2.5 billion today) and was able to nearly double his fortune by the time of his own death less than a decade later.

His ancestor’s would go on to build stately estates and a string of mansions along New York’s prestigious 5th Avenue. The Vanderbilts also built the impressive Biltmore Estate which can be seen in the movie Being There.

Biltmore House as seen in Being There (1979, United Artists)

If you weren’t born into the Illuminati, you have the option of joining them by becoming useful or, hopefully, even indispensable to them. You can to this by fulfilling one of their many needs. Again, you must attend the right schools and be highly intelligent. The right schools include Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Princeton, Yale and Harvard in the United States. (See David Rothkopf’s Superclass)

Your goal is to distinguish yourself and become the best in a field that members of the elite have a vested interest in. You will be asked to join some of their invite-only societies such as the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations or the Bilderberg Group. (See Top 10 Secret Societies)

If you can’t make can’t make it to the One Percent Club, you can still join a guild and have a very comfortable living as a Ten Percenter. You can join either the private sector or the government sector.

For those who are especially bright, it is easier to gain power and influence in the government sector as top positions in the private sector are often reserved for cousins and nephews of the ruling class.

Be aware that you might be useful for a short while and be thrown to the wolves when you cease to be useful. (Michael Milken, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, etc.)

Expect to fall on your own sword, if things ever get hairy. (Oliver North, Richard Nixon, Kenneth Lay)


Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger, Harvard, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilat

Zbigniew Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Harvard, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilat (co-founder)

If you are not born a billionaire and you refuse to be subservient to the current members of the Illuminati, you’re only option is to take it. Meaning, you must yourself become a billionaire and use your financial means to gain influence and power.

Who is John Galt? If you don’t know, find out. You might feel bad about laying off thousands of people, busting unions, or polluting water supplies in order to increase the bottom line. This will help.

Being the head of a monopoly alone might not be sufficient unless it’s a basic necessity such as oil or water. Being the West coast king of hair salons might afford you a very decent lifestyle, but it won’t gain you entry into the ruling class. ‘New Money’ alone is not enough.

Buying media outlets and other influential industries are safe bets that might just give you a seat on the Illuminati’s inner circle. If you have an insight into the future, you might be able to gain a foothold in a key industry and force your way into their inner circle – a “brute force” attack.

You will be invited to the Council on Foreign Relations first and then the Trilateral Commission and gradually make your way into more exclusive and powerful elite groups. You will be asked to attend a few Bilderberg Group meetings and eventually be asked to join on a permanent base.

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The ILLUMINATI is the MOST POWERFUL secret society in the WORLD. The order occupies the very top of the power pyramid and rules over other secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Bohemian Grove.


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